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      2. 一、 Information feedback

        1. The after-sales service department shall assign special personnel to track the user information, timely understand the use of customers and keep close contact with customers.

        2. For the product quality problems or product improvement opinions reported by customers, the business department will report the problems to the relevant responsible departments of the company in the form of "customer complaint report". After research and analysis, solutions and preventive measures are formulated and stored in the company's quality files and user files.

        3. Register the customer's call and reply to the customer's inquiry in time.

        二、 Service

        1. Special equipment customers in the installation, the company will send service personnel to the site to coordinate the installation, to ensure that the installation is safe.

        2. When the customer requests to send someone to the site to deal with the quality problems, the company's service personnel will seriously cooperate to solve the problems.

        3. In order to enable customers to maintain and use the equipment, the company will send technical personnel to provide relevant technical training guidance for customers according to their needs.

        三、 Quality assurance

        1. During the warranty period, if quality problems occur, the company shall be responsible for solving them.

        2. During the product warranty period, the company will be responsible for the return and replacement of any product damage caused by the product manufacturing quality; outside the product warranty period, if the product damage is caused by non manufacturing quality, the company will seriously deal with the problem and only charge the cost.


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